June 2023

🎉🍎 Celebrating the Success of the BSS Fruit Festival! 🍓✨

Our vibrant BSS Fruit Festival was a triumph, showcasing the beauty of nature's fruits and our commitment to healthy living. With engaging activities and mouthwatering tastings, attendees of all ages created cherished memories. We extend heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team, partners, and volunteers for their exceptional work. This festival has brought us closer as a company and strengthened our community bonds. Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives as we continue to inspire a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

April 2022

BSS Ifter Party - 2023

Bangladesh Software Solution has arranged a successful Iftar party with our all beloved employees.

March 2023

BSS Annual Dinner - 2023

BSS is one of Bangladesh's most rapidly growing IT companies working with the latest technologies of the fast-paced world and is undeniably determined to serve our home and abroad with advanced services with their veteran developers and engineers.

August 2022
July 2022

BSS family

BSS employees have always been an undetachable part of the BSS family, thus they are always welcome for a chat or warm coffee even when they are not a part of the office. and we try our hardest to make our farewells the warmest to remind the member it is just an official goodbye, your contribution and memory will always be treasured and valued in BSS. a small farewell throwback of one of our closest and oldest members with her MINISO gift hamper. may we meet again and always remain a part of each other.

May 2022

End of the ramadan 2022

By the blessing of almighty we have observed 30 days of fasting and gracious Ramadan where most of our iftar we did in our Bss dhanmondi office with so many mouth watering meals!Some of the glances of our Ramadan iftar. May we grow more united and strong !

March 2022

Bss office party

It takes a team to do anything of lasting value. Because together, we can conquer any challenges, together we can grow further, together we can flourish. Our company’s growth is a direct result of every single individual working as a collective to achieve our goals. Their hard work, dedication, and professionality promote a very positive work culture that reflects on the work they put in. Each individual’s role in our company is as important as the next person’s and we value every single one of them as an indispensable member of our team. To put it plainly, our success wouldn’t have been possible without this group! We had a wonderful time interacting with our fellow colleagues while following all safety norms. An evening we can never forget!

March 2022